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Prime Minister Nguyễn Tấn Dũng called for building VNU into a leading university
On March 18, 2013, Prime Minister Nguyễn Tấn Dũng and the Governmental delegation worked with VNU and conferred the decision on the appointment of Prof.Dr. Phùng Xuân Nhạ - Alternative member of the Party’s Central Committee, member of Hanoi Party Committee – to be President of Vietnam National University, Hanoi.

Prime Minister Nguyễn Tấn Dũng expressed his pleasure to visit and work with VNU as well as thanked for the warm welcome of VNU’s lecturers, scientists, staff and students.
At the decision conferring ceremony, the Prime Minister congratulated and asked the new VNU President, together with VNU’s Board of Leaders, staff, lecturers and scientists to strengthen the solidarity and unity, uphold the inherently fine tradition and the achieved results in the past years, put all efforts to overcome difficulties, and get together to successfully realize the proposed objectives.
Also, Prime Minister Nguyễn Tấn Dũng expressed his special appreciation and thanks to the important contributions of VNU Former President, Prof.Dr. Mai Trọng Nhuận and VNU Former Vice President, Prof.Dr.Sc. Vũ Minh Giang. He stressed that, the appointment of Prof.Dr. Mai Trọng Nhuận and Prof.Dr.Sc. Vũ Minh Giang to be Governmental Senior Experts is the worthy recognition of the Party and the State for their outstanding contributions to the cause of national construction and defence as well as the development of VNU to the international standards.
On behalf of VNU staff and students, VNU President Phùng Xuân Nhạ showed his gratitude to Prime Minister Nguyễn Tấn Dũng and the Governmental delegation for spending their valuable time working at VNU. He reported that in the past recent years, VNU has gained remarkable achievements, the most outstanding of which are: to gradually complete the model of a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary research university; to strengthen the interconnectedness and cooperation among the member units, contributing to develop VNU into an organic entity, add more value, and create unique products with high competitiveness; to continue to develop the areas of strength, particularly the basic science; to develop some new and inter-disciplinary fields; to apply the quality accreditation standards of the ASEAN University Network in many high-quality training programs.  The scientific research capacity of VNU has been significantly improved, by which a number of scientific and technological products of high value have been produced. Furthermore, VNU has initially succeeded in implementing the Strategic Missions of establishing and developing some majors and disciplines to meet international standards, which is an appropriate move to establish member universities and faculties of international standards and progress to develop VNU to achieve international standards.
VNU President promised to rapidly develop VNU into an advanced research university, training high quality human resources and fostering talents in order to make important contributions to the socio-economic development and international integration of the country. He added that scientific research must play a crucial role in fulfilling this mission
“I realize that scientific research is not only “for science” but more importantly, “for human life”, for improving the training quality and serving the community. It must contribute to solve the practical problems and serve the socio-economic development for the prosperity of the country. Thus, VNU could enhance its position and create more resources for its sustainable development. We all share this noble mission”, VNU President Phùng Xuân Nhạ said.
Accepting the great responsibility of developing VNU to reach regional and international standards, VNU President Phùng Xuân Nhạ believed that with the concern and leadership of the Party, the State, the Government and the Prime Minister; with the effective support from the Ministries, industries and localities; with the fruitful cooperation from national and international partners; and especially with the long-standing tradition of more than a century of VNU, with the intellectuals and wholeheartedness of the scientists, staff, lecturers and students, VNU, despite various challenges and difficulties ahead, will be confident and determined in developing to international standards by standardization, modernization and international integration, being on par with advanced research universities in the world and making active contribution to the sustainable development of the country.
“I am always aware of my responsibility to create a professional administration structure and a good working and studying environment, to promote strategic visions, and to encourage innovation and creativity. However, it is the scientists, staff, lecturers, and students that are the key elements to form VNU’s character”, VNU President Phùng Xuân Nhạ added.
Speaking at the ceremony, Prime Minister Nguyễn Tấn Dũng emphasized “I am happy to know that in 2013, VNU is ranked 213th out of 250 Asian leading universities and ranked 61th in the field of natural science by the QS world university rankings. I assume this is not the highest and definitely not the final objective of VNU. I highly appreciate such achievement in the context of the country is still suffering from various difficulties”.
Prime Minister Nguyễn Tấn Dũng, on behalf of the Government, praised the efforts of VNU’s generations of lecturers and students, the achievements and the growth in all aspects of VNU in the past 20 years of formation and development. He urged VNU to exert more efforts to become a leading research university, and focus on training high-quality human resources, promoting scientific research, transferring high quality technology, and strengthening international cooperation to reach international standards.
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