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VNU-IS students of Bachelor of Science in Management program won the VNU - IStartup Innovation Ideas 2019
The project “4 DOTS” won the First Prize of the VNU - IStartup Innovation Ideas 2019.

This is the first time VNU-IS has hosted the VNU - IStartup Innovation Ideas 2019 attracting a vast aray of VNU-IS students. At the end of the training course, the Organization Committee selected 30 teams of over 100 students participating in next rounds. Specially, students had to write projects and delivering presentations entirely in English.  With their confidence and English proficiency, participation teams convinced even the most difficult judges.

Final Round of VNU - IStartup Innovation Ideas 2019 attracted a vast array of VNU-IS students. 

Project “4DOTS” won the First Prize. The project was improved and introduced a more intelligent, convenient and cleaner portable toilet system to users in the hope of creating a better image of Hanoi in the eyes of tourists. 

Project “Co –Working Space ISHARE” provides an open and private working space for students in accordance with services and facilities such as Wifi, printers, photocopy, utility, rooms… - a very potential model.  

Project “WORKNOW – PAYNOW” connects students and people who are temporarily unemployed … with temporary job positions such as document drafting, translation…… People can work at home with personal computer and get paid once the job is finished.   


Project “Maudy – Online shopping application” runs on mobile platform to help those who are less interested in fashion can define their own styles, and help busy people save time with online shopping.  
Project “WORKNOW – PAYNOW” was the runner-up. 

The judges, guests and teams took group photos. 

 Hoàng Thu - VNU Media
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