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Japanese Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide has a meeting with students of VNU Vietnam - Japan University
On October 19, 2020, during his first overseas trip after taking office, Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide and a delegation of Japanese officials visited and had a meeting with students of VNU Vietnam - Japan University (VJU). VNU President Nguyen Kim Son - Chairman of VNU VJU’s Council welcomed the delegation and attended the meeting.

At VNU Vietnam - Japan University, Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide delivered a speech themed “Building together the future of the Indo-Pacific”.

Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide opened his speech by saying: “Hello. I love Vietnam. I love ASEAN.”

 “Today, I am truly delighted to meet you all, students of VNU Vietnam- Japan University - a symbol of human resource development projects between Japan and ASEAN, especially in training global human resources for the next generation.

Key words for the connection between Japan and ASEAN are digital technology and the resilience of supply chains. Human resource development is also one of the foundations for the connection.

My message is that if you (VNU VJU students) work diligently with strong determination and are blessed with friends from whom you can learn, like Japan and ASEAN, together you can grow, carve out your own paths and follow them towards achieving your goals”, Japanese Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide said.

Responding to Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide’s speech , VNU President Nguyen Kim Son affirmed that Vietnam Japan University was established on the basis of a broad strategic partnership for Asia's common peace and prosperity, built and nurtured by generations of Vietnam’s and Japan’s leaders.

VNU President Nguyen Kim Son expressed, “The Japanese Prime Minister's visit to VNU VJU today shows his special attention to students, young people and intellectuals – the key factors to the Japanese miracle and also a driving force to create a breakthrough in the future strategic relationship between our two nations.

We believe that the two countries’ leaders' vision of the important role of knowledge, culture and people in the new era as well as the effective support of ministries, departments, and universities of the two countries, would promote VNU VJU’s fast development into a top Asian university as well as create a miracle in the near future, worthy of the expectations of the governments and people of the two countries”.

As a VNU member university, VJU was founded based on the ideas and support of Vietnamese and Japanese senior leaders. The university is built on the model of a research university with the goal of becoming a leading prestigious university in Asia by 2035. The university applies the philosophy of student-centered liberal education oriented towards sustainable development.

Currently, VNU VJU offers 8 master training programs, all oriented towards providing human resources for sustainable development. In the 2020-2021 academic year, VNU VJU admitted the first intake of students for Japanese Studies - an attractive training program to meet the needs of the labour market. VJU’s training programs are transferred from famous Japanese universities and have been adjusted to suit the conditions of Vietnam.

In recent years, senior leaders from Vietnam and Japan have had numerous talks on VNU VJU.

 Lê Duy Khánh - VNU Media
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