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Twenty-nine ADF scholarships, valued at USD $2,000 each, awarded to VNU students
On January 22, 2021, 29 VNU’s entrance exam best candidates - current students were awarded scholarships from the Asia Development Foundation, Korea (ADF) for their efforts in study, training and scientific research.

This is the third consecutive year the ADF and ADF Scholarship Program, a VNU's partner, have looked for VNU’s outstanding students who deserve support during their learning process.

This academic year of 2020-2021, the ADF approved scholarships for 29 VNU’s entrance exam best candidates - current students, including 9 of 2018, 8 of 2019 and 12 of 2020. Each scholarship is valued at USD $2,000/ academic year/ student. These students also have the opportunity to further receive this scholarship until graduation if they maintain 3.2 or higher GPA.

This year, due to the Covid-19 epidemic, ADF did not attend the scholarship award ceremony as usual, instead, it has sent the certificate of scholarship with congratulations to the 29 awardees. VNU’s representative, on behalf of the ADF, has presented flowers to congratulate the scholarship recipients.

In order to facilitate learning and research for students and lecturers, VNU has always strived to establish and maintain cooperative connections with major partners around the world, including universities, development funds and educational and scientific organizations worldwide as well as domestic and foreign enterprises. With a variety of international cooperation programs, VNU students and lecturers have the opportunity to access global advanced science and education through scholarships and exchange programs, scientific seminars, joint training programs and international research cooperation, etc.

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