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Webometrics 2021: VNU ranked 17th in Southeast Asia and among the world’s top 1,000 universities
On January 27, 2021, the Cybermetrics Lab (under the Spanish National Research Council) published its first Webometrics Ranking edition in 2021. Accordingly, VNU is the best university in Vietnam, ranked 17th in Southeast Asia and 1,000th globally.

Webometrics is an automated ranking that assesses the digitalization and influence of a higher education institution’s academic resources based on the indicators of the impact of its website systems and online information (Visibility), openness of its academic resources on Google Scholar (Openness) and scientific citations on the Scopus database (Excellence).

According to this ranking, VNU topped Vietnam and ranked 1,000th globally (climbed 96 places compared to the previous ranking in July 2020), 17th in Southeast Asia and 237th in Asia.

Webometrics has made two changes to its first ranking’s methodology in 2021 compared to that in July 2020. Specifically, the indicator of “Presence” has been removed and the weight of “Excellence” has been increased by 5% (from 35% to 40%).

Ranked by indicator, VNU’s Visibility, Openness and Excellence have all climbed to 1651st, 1115th and 1096th, respectively (compared to 1987th, 1507th and 1131st, respectively in the previous ranking), showing a comprehensive development of VNU in the Webometrics Rankings.

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