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The 6th International Conference on Vietnamese Studies: Vietnam’s Active Integration and Sustainable Development
In the context of 4.0 Industry Revolution and deeper regional and international integration, science and technology are increasingly asserting an important role in Viet Nam’s socio-economic development and international integration. The 6th International Conference on Vietnamese Studies hosted by Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences in collaboration with Vietnam National University, Hanoi, will be convened on 15-16 August 2021 with the desire to make practical contributions of Vietnamese studies to the cause of national development and protection.

A group photo of ICVNS2016 participants

With the theme “Vietnam’s Active Integration and Sustainable Development”, the 6th International Conference on Vietnamese Studies consists of 10 panels covering diversified and rich contents related to many fields, many principles of social sciences and humanities. Additionally, the Conference wishes to further develop the Vietnamese studies globally, as well as to provide a forum for scholars to propose practical policy recommendations for solving contemporary problems in Viet Nam, actively contributing to her extensive international integration and sustainable development for the purpose of building a Viet Nam with rich people - strong nation - equitable, democratic and civilized society.

The 6th International Conference on Vietnamese Studies will definitely be an important event to attract Vietnamese and international scholars and media to the country’s identity, culture, people and academics, as well as her contributions to peace building and conflict reconciliation in the region and the world.

The 10 panels of the Conference are as follows:

1. Regional and International Issues - ( )

2. Ideology, Politics - ( )

3. Ethnic and Religious Studies - ( )

4. Education, Training and Human Development in Viet Nam - ( )

5. Economics, Technology and Environment - ( )

6. Linguistics, Literature - ( )

7. State and Laws - ( )

8. History, Sino Nom, Archaeology - ( )

9. Culture - ( )

10. Social Issues - ( )

The Organizing Committee of the 6th International Conference on Vietnamese Studies cordinally invite those interested in Vietnamese studies, especially the theme Viet Nam’s Active Integration and Sustainable Development, to write papers and to attend the Conference. The more detailed contents of the ten panels may be found in >> here <<

The official languages used in the Conference shall be Vietnamese and English. The Registration form can be accessed at:

Following are the important deadlines:

Financial Support for Conference Participation

1 March 2021 Early Registration and Abstract Submission

1 April 2021 Announcement of Accepted Abstracts

1 May 2021 Full Paper Submission

Self funded

15 April 2021 Deadline for Registration and Abstract Submission

4 May 2021 Announcement of Accepted Abstracts

10 June 2021 Full Paper Submission

For further information or inquiries, please contact:

Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences

No.1 Lieu Giai Str., Ba Dinh Dist., Hanoi, Viet Nam

Tel: +84 24 62730738


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