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VNU students attend ASEP 2021 with the theme “Building a Recycling Society”
Two staff and 10 outstanding students from VNU's units attended and actively contributed at the 9th Asian Students Environment Platform (ASEP) 2021 with the theme “Building a Recycling Society”. Hosted by the Aeon Environmental Foundation (Japan) in collaboration with the University of Indonesia (Indonesia) and Waseda University (Japan), the virtual program took place from August 9-11, 2021.

Approximately 100 students from 9 Asian universities participated in ASEP 2021, including Waseda University (Japan), Korea University (Korea), Tsinghua University (China), the University of Malaya (Malaysia), the Royal University of Phnom Penh (Cambodia), the University of Indonesia (Indonesia), the University of the Philippines (Philippines), Chulalongkorn University (Thailand) and Vietnam National University, Hanoi (Vietnam).

Through the lectures and presentations by experts and invited guests, young intellectuals had the opportunity to learn about the current state of waste management in Indonesia and then worked in groups to present solutions for forming a recycling society in 5 minutes under the assessment of a panel of professors and participants attending the closing ceremony.

ASEP 2021 is an online platform for university students from countries throughout Asia, with different cultures, socio-economic conditions and religions not only to share and learn about the Indonesian natural environment and culture but also, through joint activities, to understand and empathize with one another as well as to expand cooperation network to build a sustainable development society strongly based on the recycling technology to reduce the amount of environment polluting waste.

“ASEP 2021 with the current theme on a recycling society is a platform for VNU students to provide vivid information about Vietnam’s efforts in promoting and improving the effectiveness of the household solid waste classification program; manage, collect, recycle and reuse waste appropriately, thereby helping to raise public awareness, promoting green and zero-emission production enterprises, contributing to improving efficiency of environmental protection, building a circular economy associated with the goal of sustainable development, etc.", said Dr. Nguyen Minh Truong, Deputy Director of VNU Department of Political-Students Affairs.

Launched in 2012, the Asian Students Environment Platform is an annual program funded by the AEON Environment Fund, with the goal of raising awareness about environmental issues and environmental protection, biodiversity conservation as well as creating opportunities for outstanding students from top Asian universities to meet, interact, learn and discuss common current issues in each country, in the region as well as the world over.

 Thanh Ngọc - VNU - Media
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