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VNU and VNPT collaborate on digital transformation in education and training
Digital transformation in Vietnam’s education and training is a top concern of VNU leaders, especially in the context of increasingly complicated development of the Covid-19 pandemic, affecting all areas of life.

Recently, VNU leaders and leaders of Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) have discussed cooperation opportunities in research, building databases and technology platforms to support general education and higher education institutions, lecturers and teachers nationwide, especially those in disadvantaged, remote and isolated areas, in using online training technology.

Accordingly, the projected cooperation based on the strengths and potentials of each party will mainly focus on education and training, human resources development, scientific and technological research activities, and knowledge transfer.

VNU President Le Quan said that, with its pioneering position in the national education system as well as its development orientation towards an advanced and multi-disciplinary university, VNU always pays due attention to maintaining a close link between training and research.

VNU President hopes that the two sides cooperate in offering training programs to improve the quality of human resources in localities. VNU will also conduct training courses (both short-term and long-term) for improving VNPT’s human resources quality as well as assist in recruiting and providing high-quality human resources to meet VNPT’s needs.

Regarding scientific and technological research and knowledge transfer, VNU President Le Quan suggested that the two sides collaborate to organize research, development and technology application on the basis of VNPT's needs and VNU's strengths, such as information technology, electronics and telecommunications, data science, data analysis, automation, etc.

As for VNPT, it will assist VNU in implementing a number of national science and technology tasks and projects, such as the Northwest Program, the Science and Technology Program for Socio-economic Development in Coastal Areas, the Vietnamese Digital Knowledge System, just to name a few.

VNU President Le Quan also proposed VNPT to sponsor the "green space" at VNU Hoa Lac campus as well as establish VNPT scholarship fund to support VNU’s students and VNU’s international publications.

VNPT Group General Director Huynh Quang Liem highly appreciated the cooperation opportunities between the two sides. Although VNU and VNPT have not signed an official cooperation document so far, their units have been actively cooperating in training, scientific research, and technology development and application.

The two sides discussed their partnership promotion on the basis of the existing cooperation activities. Also, the two institutions will promote their potentials and strengths to continue performing their social responsibilities by promoting digital transformation in national education and healthcare services. Accordingly, VNPT provides a digital transformation platform while VNU is in charge of expertise based on the multi-disciplinary and multi-field strengths of its members’ training and research units.

In the immediate future, VNU and VNPT will collaborate to train primary and secondary school teachers to meet the new curriculum and textbook requirements, in which, VNU ensures expertise and personnel while VNPT provides infrastructure, technology, transmission lines, network security, etc.

Furthermore, the two sides will jointly provide and share facilities, technical human resources for training and scientific research at VNU (information technology infrastructure, transmission lines, telecommunications networks, etc.). VNPT will also consider supporting the program of developing a digital university at VNU.

Earlier, VNU started building an online teaching support channel for teachers, parents and primary school students in disadvantaged areas, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. The channel is to be launched in mid-September on VNU’s online platform.

VNU currently has nearly 50,000 students and nearly 500 undergraduate and graduate training programs. Many areas of VNU’s strength meet VNPT’s interest, including information technology, software, electronics, telecommunications, data science, network security, human resource management, foreign languages, business administration, marketing, media, among others.

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