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VNU builds an online primary education support channel for disadvantaged areas
VNU is building an online primary education support channel for teachers, parents and students in disadvantaged areas, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. The channel is to be launched in mid-September on VNU’s online platform.

The launching of this online teaching support channel will partly help primary teachers in disadvantaged, remote and isolated areas throughout the country in accessing online teaching technology associated with the new textbook program during the complicated Covid-19 pandemic. VNU President Le Quan remarked that through VNU's online teaching support channel, primary school teachers would quickly adapt and improve their teaching skills to ensure the quality of online teaching.

VNU President Le Quan further affirmed that, with the development orientation following the model of an advanced, multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral research university, VNU always attached great importance to close linkage between training and scientific research. In addition, VNU always fulfills its role and position as a pioneer university in supporting the national education system as well as universities, lecturers and teachers nationwide.

President Le Quan has assigned VNU University of Education (UEd) to be a liaison institution in implementing the above-named tasks, which demonstrates VNU’s vision and leading position in bringing benefits to the national education.

Through research as well as recognition of the actual educational activities in some localities, a team of experts and scientists from VNU UEd discussed a number of contents that caused difficulties to primary education in general and online teaching in particular. In order to deal with the difficulties, VNU UEd experts recommended the following: supporting teachers in disadvantaged areas in online teaching; strengthening the capacity and skills of primary school teachers; promoting cooperation with disadvantaged localities; and completing the project of an online teaching support channel for VNU to synchronously assist teachers at all levels of education across the country in the coming time.

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