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COVID-19 vaccination for VNU international students speeded up
Ensuring student safety and well-being is one of VNU’s key goals of joining the country in repelling the Covid-19 epidemic. Besides practical activities to serve students' lives, VNU strongly promotes vaccination for students so that they can be epidemiologically protected and have peace of mind during the epidemic.

VNU has organized many rounds of registration for vaccination appointments for students to consider getting vaccinated. In addition to a large number of students and lecturers who voluntarily registered, VNU’s members and service units joined efforts in promoting vaccination propaganda in the spirit of "The best vaccine is the one that’s available”.

Recently, VNU Department of Cooperation and Development, VNU Political-Students Affairs Department, VNU Student Support Center, Foreign Languages Dormitory Management Board, People's Committee of Cau Giay District and other VNU’s units have coordinated in collecting registration information and transferring students and lecturers to vaccination facilities. Specifically, VNU has received and transferred the registration information of 51 international students and lecturers to E Hospital. These students and lecturers received SMS notifications on vaccination time and venue to ensure social distancing. Notably, Covid-19 vaccination is free of charge under the vaccination policy in Vietnam. The VNU lecturers and students participating in this vaccination round come from many countries such as Japan, Korea, Laos, the Republic of Haïti, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, etc.

The students and lecturers were screened for Covid-19 before entering the vaccination site and were given detailed instructions on the vaccine, important notes, as well as how to monitor their health status after vaccination. Staff from VNU University of Foreign Languages and International Studies, VNU University of Social Sciences and Humanities, VNU School of Law, VNU International School and VNU International Francophone Institute have accompanied and guided the students during the vaccination process and monitored their health status after vaccination.

Ms. Kanda Makiko, a Japanese lecturer at VNU University of Social Sciences and Humanities said, “After getting vaccinated, I called my mother and she was very happy that I was vaccinated in Vietnam. I am very grateful to VNU for arranging the vaccination for me and to Vietnam's vaccination policy. Today, I was thoroughly guided by VNU staff on while- and after-vaccination procedures.”

Ms. Hollyn Derisse, from the Republic of Haiti, a student of the 23rd Master's program in Multimedia and Intelligent Systems, VNU International Francophone Institute (IFI), said that although she did not live in VNU dormitory, she was taken good care of and provided with detailed information about the epidemic situation in Vietnam. “Because I’m not fluent in Vietnamese, before vaccination, VNU IFI staff translated medical instructions, declaration forms into English and French and sent them to me. I feel everything is very good and well taken care of”, she said.

Previously, leaders of VNU and its units, individuals and community organizations, especially Hanoi Youth Union as well as VNU Youth Union also presented many gift bags to dormitory students and ensured a good care of both Vietnamese and foreign students’ well-being.

 Lê Bình - VNU Media
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