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Monozukuri - Japanese style manufacturing in the 21st century
On September 8, 2021, VNU Vietnam-Japan University (VJU) in collaboration with Mitani Sangyo Co., Ltd. and Koganei Seiki Co., Ltd. launched series of lectures on Japanese Industries Studies with a seminar themed “Monozukuri - Japanese style manufacturing in the 21st century".

VNU Vice President Nguyen Hoang Hai attended the seminar virtually.

In order to provide the attendees with an overview of the manufacturing industry in Japan as well as affirm VJU’s role in connecting Japanese and Vietnamese enterprises; policy makers and leading research experts, the seminar "Monozukuri – Japanese style manufacturing in the 21st century" was virtually held with nearly 200 participants.

Prof. Takahiro Fujimoto from Waseda University was the keynote speaker in this seminar. He presented an overview of Japan's manufacturing and economic activities, automotive industry and the strategies of its leading manufacturing firms between the late 19th century and the early 21st century.

Prof. Fujumoto emphasized the design-flow view of manufacturing design and information flow when describing the production sites and products of the automotive industry with Toyota as an example, through its production organizational capacity, lean manufacturing model, and massive, yet fluid and accurate, design information transmission through modern technology means. Prof. Fujumoto has shown the importance of building competitiveness between brand manufacturers and qualified suppliers.

The seminar also provided Vietnamese enterprises and students with the opportunity to approach and learn more about Monozukuri lean manufacturing methods and success secrets of Japanese manufacturing industries, in order to flexibly apply in improving production capacity as well as create effective production and business methods in Vietnam. According to the speaker, the key to Japan's success is the state’s promotion of core production technology. Monozukuri philosophy is considered a typical Japanese business philosophy because it is a harmonious combination of three factors including people, business experience and motivation to create advantages for Japanese businesses in the extremely competitive environment.

Within the framework of the seminar, many delegates from universities and businesses raised questions, shared and exchanged with the speakers and representatives of Mitani Sangyo Co., Ltd. and Koganei Seiki Co., Ltd. about challenges and opportunities for Vietnamese enterprises to apply Monozukuri Japanese style manufacturing; proposals for implementation during the complicated period of the Covid-19 epidemic in Vietnam and around the world were welcome. Besides, support and policies from the government were discussed very enthusiastically at the end of the seminar.

 Lê Bình - VNU Media
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