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VNU’s Vocational and Higher Education Quality Hub launched
On November 5, 2021, VNU held the launching ceremony of the Vocational and Higher Education Quality Hub. The Hub was established for the purpose of developing higher education and vocational education quality culture.


VNU President Le Quan attended the ceremony and delivered a speech.

Mr. Nghiem Xuan Huy, Director of VNU Institute for Education Quality Assurance, the Hub’s liaison institution, said that with more than 25-year pioneer experience in implementing university governance, quality assurance and accreditation nationally, VNU has an official staff as well as a network of partners with deep understanding of theory and practice of administration, quality assurance and education accreditation to deploy and operate the Hub. In addition, VNU has a team of engineers with appropriate information technology knowledge and skills to develop and administer a university administration, quality assurance, and accreditation system.

Highly appreciating VNU's initiative in establishing the Vocational and Higher Education Quality Hub, Mr. Choltis Dhirathiti - Executive Director of the ASEAN University Network (AUN) said that this platform would support and promote the development of Vietnam vocational education system’s quality. He expressed his impression of the Hub's operational goal of forming a closely-knit, mutually supportive higher and vocational education community and added that this was also the focus of AUN in the roadmap for building ASEAN into a center of high-quality education.

Addressing the event, VNU President Le Quan emphasized that, with its mission and responsibility to implement a number of important higher education and scientific research tasks, VNU always strived to improve its places in national and international ranking tables. Yet, VNU always considers quality culture as the root and is willing to share as well as wishes to spread and develop quality culture.

According to VNU President Le Quan, digital transformation is being implemented strongly at VNU. Recently, VNU has launched an online primary education support channel to support teachers, parents and primary school students in disadvantaged areas in particular and in localities across the country in general. Currently, over 100,000 people from nearly 40 localities have registered to participate in online training and support through this channel. VNU will continue to promote the general education channel through fostering and capacity building activities for teachers and general education administrators in the coming time.

Quality culture is always promoted and plays a focal and leading role throughout VNU's activities. Therefore, the launching of the Vocational and Higher Education Quality Hub will contribute to the development of VNU’s education quality in particular, and the higher education and vocational education system of the country in general.

VNU President Le Quan added that the Vocational and Higher Education Quality Hub aims to create and develop a platform to promote the quality culture of universities and colleges in Vietnam, operating on the basis of 4 main content pillars including Quality Assurance, Quality Accreditation, Education Quality Ranking and Matching and School Administration.

The Hub aims to implement the following main activities: research and policy consulting; educational reporting and evaluation; conference/workshop/forum organizing; fostering and strengthening capacity; recognizing, honoring, and spreading excellent practices in university governance. The ultimate aim of the Hub is to create a foundation for the development of a quality culture of Vietnamese universities and colleges.

VNU President also said that in the near future, VNU would introduce a Human Resource Development Channel focusing on connecting businesses with higher and vocational education institutions. This platform aims to connect the training and fostering of human resources associated with lifelong learning education.

VNU President Le Quan affirmed that VNU developed and used a technology platform to ensure a proper implementation of the principles of digital transformation towards the purpose of connecting, forming networks, sharing databases, and promoting cooperation culture for mutual development.

Advisory Board of The Vocational and Higher Education Quality Hub

To mark the opening of the Hub, VNU Institute for Education Quality Assurance organized a scientific conference entitled "Assuring and accrediting higher education quality in the context of university autonomy: Theory and practice”. This is a forum for educational managers, experts, researchers, lecturers, staff in the field of quality assurance, quality accreditation and university ranking to work together for discussing theoretical and practical issues in quality assurance; updating and disseminating new trends in assurance activities, quality accreditation and university ranking; identifying the current situation and evaluating the effectiveness of the implementation of policies on university autonomy, university governance in general, accreditation - quality assurance and university ranking in particular in Vietnam; as well as sharing experiences and best practices in assurance, accreditation, and university ranking.


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