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VNU and T&T Group: Combining strengths to nurture talents and develop future scientific staff
On November 20, 2021, at Hoa Lac campus, Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU) and T&T Group signed a cooperation agreement.


VNU President Le Quan and T&T Group Chairman Do Quang Hien represented the two sides to sign a cooperation agreement

The cooperation contributes to the promoting of the two sides’ resources and strengths, especially the intelligence and enthusiasm of VNU's scientists and the practical experience of T&T Group in order to create combined strength for the development of science, application of technology, innovation, approaching the global scientific progress. VNU and T&T Group have reached a cooperation agreement in scientific research and technology transfer; training and developing human resources; accessing products and utilities in the ecosystem of T&T Group. Specific areas of cooperation include corporate governance, urban development, infrastructure development, agriculture - environment, health, sports and education.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, VNU President Le Quan emphasized that VNU always pioneered in innovation in all activities. VNU's research and development activities are always closely linked with practice and adapted to the needs of businesses and society for national development.

Over the past time, VNU's staff and scientists have always pioneered in new research fields and in solving difficult problems of the country's development. In addition, VNU has created many mechanisms and policies to promote innovation value chains in training and scientific research activities in order to create new added values to ​​serve the community.

In order to quickly transfer the achievements in training and research to serve society, VNU pays special attention to strengthening cooperation with domestic and foreign enterprises and partners. Enterprises and corporations are both development partners and human resources users as well as supporters for VNU to promote its development capacity and provide society with high-quality services.

VNU President Le Quan emphasized that the cooperation with T&T Group was important in improving the quality of training, scientific research and promoting knowledge transfer. The cooperation between T&T Group and VNU will combine the two sides’ strengths to create a high-quality ecosystem to help incubate and develop future talents and scientists.

Chairman of T&T Group Do Quang Hien highly appreciated VNU's determination in linking scientific research with practice. He believed that investment in education and training, science and technology was smart and contributed to sustainable development of the country. In particular, incubating young talents is to build a foundation to create the future of leading scientists, good managers, exemplary educators and talents for Vietnam in the future. The cooperation between VNU and T&T Group is a pioneer model of high-level cooperation between a leading higher education institution in Vietnam and a multifield corporation, contributing to the development of the country.

At the signing ceremony, T&T Group donated funds to VNU's Young Talent Development Fund. This is a meaningful deed, showing the interest of T&T Group in the development of education and training, science and technology, contributing to the socio-economic construction and development of Vietnam.


Players of Hanoi Football Club and also first-intake students of VNU’s special training program for sports talents presenting souvenirs to VNU leaders.

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