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Technology product "Smart Trash Can" won the Most Innovative Prize at SEACAS Hackathon 2022
On March 28, at Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), a Hackathon for students from Southeast Asian countries (ASEAN) was held with the theme "Sustainable environment development through electronic circuits systems".


This is the fourth time the Key Laboratory for Smart Integrated Systems (SISLAB) from VNU UET has participated in the Southeast Asia Hackathon contest coordinated by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Circuits and Systems Society CAS) with regional universities and businesses.

With the design idea of "Smart Trash Can" allowing to identify and classify rubbish, as well as map the available trash cans in an area, Le Duc Vu and his team excellently won the Most Innovative Prize. The product not only saves time and waste collection costs, but also helps the operator to arrange the most reasonable trash can locations based on the local user’s habit and density.

In addition, in order to cope with climate change and the risk of sea level rise in the ASEAN community as well as globally, Dinh Quang Lam and a group of students from the SISLAB proposed the idea of a smart garage capable of detecting rising water level and therefrom, raising or lowering the car storage container accordingly. The design by Lam and his team won the Best Fighting Spirit Prize.

The IEEE SEACAS Hackathon is an annual science and technology contest organised by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Circuits and Systems Society (IEEE CAS) for students, trainees and graduate students from Southeast Asian countries. In 2022, the IEEE SEACAS Hackathon was co-organised by the IEEE CAS and Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), with the participation of teams of students from Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam…

At this year’s contest, the contestants had two days for shaping their new product ideas, developing and finalising their products and then, presented their entire ideas and ran product demos to an international board of examiners.

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