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Innovating science and technology products for socio-economic development
On April 7, 2022, in Hoa Lac, VNU held the Science, Technology and Innovation Conference 2022. The conference was an opportunity for VNU scientific community and managers to exchange, share experiences, propose solutions to promote scientific, technological and innovation activities.

Recently, VNU has developed its potential of science and technology with more than 100 research groups including 28 strong research groups and 6 promising research groups. The large number of highly-qualified scientists at VNU satisfies criteria of a research university; many of these are leading experts and internationally-recognised scientists capable of implementing breakthrough research as well as key tasks.

In addition to promoting international publications, VNU is shifting to a high social responsibility model, directly serving the development of society by promoting start-up, innovation and knowledge transfer. The number of VNU’s patents and utility solutions has increased continuously over the past years.

VNU's science and technology product groups are oriented and grouped into four main categories: Social sciences and humanities; Natural sciences and medical & pharmaceutical sciences; Science, technology and engineering; Interdisciplinary sciences.

VNU President Le Quan emphasized that VNU determined its key task of developing young scientists, high-quality human resources both quantitatively and qualitatively for the country, aiming at providing human resources regionally and internationally.

In addition to its policy for highly-qualified scientists, VNU approved the Faculty working regulations with special priority given to authors of articles published in journals of Q1, Q2 or higher.

VNU President Le Quan added that many incentive mechanisms, compensation and benefit policies for scientists had been implemented to promote science and technology potentials, namely: Regulations on Intellectual property management at VNU; Guidelines on developing and incentivizing strong research groups; Policy to support international publication; Regulations on accreditation, management and development of key laboratories/research centres at VNU level, etc. Especially, on February 8, 2022, VNU issued the Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy for the 2021 – 2030 period. This very important legal document helps promote VNU’s science and technology to a higher level and is a strategic breakthrough to develop VNU into a smart and innovative university.

He suggested that in the coming time, VNU's scientific community should focus on enhancing its role in fundamental scientific research; prioritizing technology transfer, promoting scientific programs in cooperation with localities to make contributions to socio-economic development; strengthening innovation capacity, increasing revenue from transfer activities, commercializing scientific and technological products, developing science and technology enterprises and services for community.

Within the framework of the conference, VNU and FSI Technology Development and Trading Investment Joint Stock Company signed an agreement on building a Technology exchange system, followed by establishing a S&T enterprise.

Also at the conference, VNU President awarded VNU Prize in Science and Technology in 2021 to four scientific works and honoured 45 scientists with outstanding achievements in international publication.

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