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Hoa Lac-based VNU Library and Digital knowledge Centre is under completion
VNU Library and Digital Knowledge Centre in Hoa Lac is currently under completion and is about to operate soon. This is one of the essential structures built to welcome students to Hoa Lac to study in 2022.

The structure consists of two main leaf-shaped buildings, including a two-hundred-square-metre library building for students, lecturers and scientists and a two-hundred-square-metre executive office building for the Centre’s managers and employees. The structure also includes a conference room and service facilities such as a book café to relax and read books, a supermarket for students, among others.

With a ​​400-square-metre internal area and the surrounding 2,000-square-metre lawn that can house 500 people at the same time, the structure is ready to serve 2,000 students studying in Hoa Lac from September, 2022.

 Sinh Vu - Photos: Toan Tran - VNU Media
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