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VNU International School: Ready for teaching and administration activities in Hoa Lac
On April 26, 2022, VNU President Le Quan chaired a meeting on facilities of VNU International School (VNU-IS).

The leader of VNU-IS said that the school had recently coordinated with VNU’s relevant departments to effectively use VNU’s facilities in Hoa Lac through organizing conferences and seminars for staff, faculty, and many activities for students.

Reporting to VNU President on the school’s facilities in inner Hanoi and preparation for administration and training activities in Hoa Lac, VNU-IS Dean Le Trung Thanh proposed VNU leaders to allow the school to carry out a pre-feasibility study of its construction investment project in Hoa Lac.

In response to the shared ideas and discussion at the meeting, VNU President asked VNU-IS to coordinate with VNU’s relevant units to prepare a pre-feasibility study report on the school’s construction investment project using its own financial resources and the successive construction method. VNU President Le Quan also suggested that the school develop a plan and roadmap to move its headquarters and administrative divisions to Hoa Lac campus before September 2022.

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