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VNU – VJU’s students attended the lecture entitled "Monozukuri activities of Mitani Sangyo and Aureole Group for building in Vietnam"

On May 5, 2022, VNU VJU BJS students attended a special lecture was given by Mitani Sangyo Co., Ltd. as a part of "VJU Industry Collaboration Course in Collaboration with Mitani Sangyo Co., Ltd. and Koganei Seiki Co., Ltd.

The lecture was given by 4 lecturers from Mitani Sangyo Co., Ltd., Mr. Watanabe Shinji, Director, Mr. Miura Shuhei, Executive Officer / General Director of Aureole CSD INC., Mr. Le Tuan Nghiem, Director of Aureole BCD Training Center, and Ms. Nguyen Phuong Mai of Vietnam Business Planning Promotion Office/ Human Recource Department of Aureole Expert Integrators INC. The theme of the lecture was "Monozukuri activities of Mitani Sangyo and Aureole Group for building in Vietnam".

To begin the lecture, Mr. Miura provided an overview of the Mitani Sangyo Group and its business in Vietnam. In Mitani Sangyo group companies, 2,800 of the 3,500 employees are Vietnamese. Since its establishment, the company had a particularly close relationship with Vietnam. Therefore, the company worked very actively on human resource development in Vietnam.

After that, Mr. Watanabe introduced and explained about quality management of Mitani Sangyo. Quality management is the method to improve and manage QCD (Quality, Cost, Delivery). He introduced some special investigation approach to identify the root cause when a problem occurs in quality control, prepare for the countermeasure, and prevent the recurrence of the problem. These are very important and useful skills and should be acquired while at university.

In the third part, Mr. Nghiem introduced the improvement activities in the production process of ABCD and ADMS factories. "Jidoka” (Automation) was introduced as an example of quality improvement activities. By his own experience, Mr. Nghiem said that improvement activities are not always going well, but confronting and overcoming difficulties leads to real improvement.

Finally, Ms. Nguyen Phuong Mai introduced to the students of VJU some training activities, which aimed at improving the ability of staff in the Aureole Group. There is a limit to improve individual ability, therefore raising the morale of the team is very important to improve the performance of the entire company. In addition to valuable knowledge on improving work morale, the students also had chance to participate in a group activity prepared by Ms. Phuong Mai. With the goal of bringing the hula hoop to the designated position without dropping it, each student can only use one finger, Ms. Phuong Mai helped them to understand the importance of team working, the adaptation and self-improvement in different circumstances. This is also an activity carried out in the staff training course at Aureole Group.

By the end of the class, lecturers from Mitani Sangyo and VJU students thanked each other and took photos together. VJU believes that in the future, Mitani Sangyo and Aureole Group will continue to be VJU's companions and will bring students more valuable lectures and practical experiences.

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