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Young talent incubation scholarship for VNU’s PhD students and post-doctoral trainees with excellent research ability awarded for the first time
On May 19, 2022, at Hoa Lac headquarters, VNU held the Award ceremony of young talent incubation scholarship for VNU’s doctoral students and post-doctoral trainees.

This is a scholarship for VNU’s doctoral students and post-doctoral trainees according to Decision No. 3688/QD-DHQGHN dated November 19, 2021, implemented from the 2021-2022 academic year. VNU is the first public higher education institution in the country to pioneer in granting scholarships for post-doctoral trainees. This scholarship is expected to have a great impact, creating breakthroughs in improving the quality and efficiency of VNU's training and scientific research activities.

Accordingly, VNU provides scholarships up to VND 100 million/year for doctoral students and VND 120 million/year for post-doctoral trainees with excellent research and international publication capability. The scholarship recipients will be considered for tuition fee exemption by their training institutions. The scholarship will contribute to the incubation of potential young scientists to serve VNU’s purpose of attracting high-quality and highly-qualified staff, as well as developing a network of training and research institutions, organizations and enterprises that have the need to employ young domestic and international scientists.

VNU has established professional councils to evaluate the feasibility of research projects, registration of published products, academic and research capacity, professional skills and English proficiency of candidates. In this academic year, 11 PhD students out of 56 applicants (19.6%) and 20 post-doctoral trainees out of 43 applicants (46.5%) have won VNU’s first scholarships.

Thanking the partners and all VNU’s lecturers and staff involved in the process of building and developing the scholarship program for young talents, VNU President Le Quan believed that this scholarship would contribute to providing financial, technical and other supports for doctoral students and post-doctoral trainees to study, research and develop with confidence.

According to VNU President Le Quan, in recent years, VNU has played the role of a pillar in the national innovation system with missions such as providing human resources; promoting scientific and technical progress, knowledge transfer, new technology, entrepreneurial skills and innovation to serve the community. Along with the mission of high-quality training, scientific research, technology transfer and implementation of community responsibilities, VNU has determined its key task of developing young scientists, high-quality human resources both quantitatively and qualitatively for the country, aiming at providing human resources regionally and internationally.

Expressing his impression of VNU's big change with its new headquarters in Hoa Lac, Chairman of T&T Group’s Board of Executives Nguyen Tat Thang said that T&T Group would collaborate with VNU to promote high-quality human resources training as well as support the program of incubating young talents, building a foundation to create the future of leading scientists, good managers, exemplary educators and talents for Vietnam. In the coming time, T&T Group will also provide scholarships for VNU’s students.

At the ceremony, VNU President Le Quan and T&T Group Chairman Nguyen Tat Thang awarded scholarships to 11 doctoral students and 20 post-doctoral trainees with excellent research ability of VNU.

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