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VIBE – inspiring, innovating, spreading, connecting and mind changing
VIBE not only activates and opens the mind, but also creates opportunities for participants to practice and develop leadership skills, problem solving, teamwork, communication, presentation and many other skills; inspiring and spreading the spirit of innovation, connecting and expanding the community of innovative educators in the Vietnamese education system.

That is the common opinion of VNU staff and lecturers who have participated in the training course "Innovative Educators" and many other activities within the framework of the VIBE Project.

In order to summarize and evaluate the project activities implemented in the past period, and prepare for the project implementation in the next phase, VNU held a closing ceremony of Phase 2 of VIBE Project on July 15, 2022.

From 2018 to 2019, with the support of the Irish Embassy in Vietnam and in collaboration with the University College Dublin Innovation Academy (Ireland), VNU implemented Phase 1 ò the VIBE project on “Building capacity of academic staff members and senior leaders at Vietnam National University, Hanoi by entrepreneurial approach to foster 21st century skills and attributes in students”. From 2020 to June 2022, VNU implemented VIBE Phase 2 on “Leading and Embedding a Culture of Innovation across Higher Education: Preparing for the 4th Industrial Revolution”.

In Phase 2 of the project, VNU coordinated with the UCD Innovation Academy to organize intensive training of trainers (TOT) courses for 20 lecturers and created opportunities for these lecturers, trainees of Phase 1, to expand and spread their training activities throughout VNU and other training institutions in Vietnam.

From 2020 to June 2022, 19 members of VNU VIBERS Community, especially TOT group, participated in 4 online training courses on “Innovation and Creativity in Education” with Irish colleagues. Groups of VNU lecturers have jointly developed and implemented 9 Action Learning Projects with the mentoring and companionship of lecturers from the UCD Innovation Academy, thereby applying their knowledge and skills from the online training courses to bring innovation and value to training activities at VNU.

In addition to enabling the participants to apply the knowledge and skills they have learned in their own teaching activities, the project also aims to form a community of innovative educators in the spirit of entrepreneurship (VNU VIBERS Community) to create and spread sustainability for innovation activities at VNU. Currently, the VNU VIBERS community is growing strongly and the innovative VIBERS are effectively implementing innovation activities both within and beyond VNU.

During VIBE Phase 2, VNU VIBERS community members implemented 9 training courses for staff, lecturers and students of VNU, 11 courses for other educational institutions across the country.

VNU VIBERS have won 3 out of 5 awards in the category of "Excellent project on building modules/subjects according to integrated education approach" under the VNU Teaching Innovation Awards implemented by the Teaching Support Centre.

VIBE has not only formed the Community of Innovative Educators at VNU but has also created a linkage between VNU and Irish educators with many positive and effective activities, contributing to spreading the message of changing necessity and preparing to adapt to unpredictable changes and fluctuations in the future as well as to create breakthroughs in training quality through creative and practical solutions; contribute to fostering the spirit of innovation, entrepreneurship, and at the same time, to exploiting the potential of lecturers and though them, spreading the love of the profession and attachment to the university. The VIBE project has also been creating a positive movement in teaching innovation at VNU, confirming VNU's position in the national innovation and startup ecosystem.


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