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VNU Framework for Teaching Excellence promulgated
On July 19, 2022, VNU issued Decision No. 2401/QD-DHQGHN on promulgating VNU Framework for Teaching Excellence (FTE).

VNU FTE was built to support and assess the development of teaching competence for lecturers at VNU, and to help them update and apply pedagogical principles and modern teaching methods in teaching activities.

VNU FTE was designed as both a guide to excellent teaching practice and a reference tool in assessing the teaching performance of lecturers. It is an important tool for assuring the quality of higher education teaching and learning. The instruction and assessment contents will be applied at all the stages of teaching activities, including Teaching preparation; Teaching organization; Learner assessment. These contents are expressed through 10 standards and 50 criteria for assessing teaching performance. For each criterion, the FTE proposes indicators for assessing lecturer teaching performance.

According to this Framework, qualified lecturers are those who successfully create an active and effective teaching and learning environment through their teaching, which is evidenced with professional expertise; awareness of the learner and the teaching context; thorough and scientific preparation of teaching content and teaching materials; active and creative teaching methods; classroom organization and management ability; mastery of modern teaching methods; active in-class learning environment; well-applied  personalized teaching approach; strict compliance with the rules and requirements of learner assessment; effective development of learner capacity through assessment activities.

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