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VNU commends and rewards students – 2022 International Olympiad prize winners
On July 27, 2022, on Hoa Lac campus, VNU held a ceremony to commend and reward the students, the 2022 International Olympiad winners, from the High School for Gifted Students under VNU University of Science.

VNU President Le Quan chaired the ceremony.

At the ceremony, VNU President Le Quan presented the Letter of commendation from President Nguyen Xuan Phuc to VNU HUS High School for Gifted Students.

Also at the ceremony, VNU awarded Certificates of merit from VNU President to 6 students - gold medalists in international Olympiad competitions, along with a bonus of 15 million VND/student; commended 3 groups of mentor teachers of HUS High School for Gifted Students for their achievements in helping students to win medals in the Olympiad competitions in 2022 with a bonus of 5 million VND/team; and awarded Certificates of merit from the President of VNU to 21 teachers with excellent achievements in training excellent students for international and regional teams.

Speaking at the ceremony, VNU President Le Quan highly appreciated the achievements of the teachers and students from HUS High School for Gifted Students in particular and students from the High Schools for the Gifted under VNU in general.

He affirmed that, with the mission of training high-quality human resources, discovering and nurturing talents for the country, over the past years, VNU has always shown its position as the main pillar and leader in the education system, making great contributions to the country’s cause of education and training, to which, HUS High School for Gifted Students has also made significant contributions.

Recently, VNU has issued many specific policies for specialized schools, such as offering direct admission to VNU specialized school students and excellent students from specialized schools across the country; allowing students of VNU’s specialized schools to study and accumulate university credits, etc. Especially, VNU has issued a scholarship support for doctoral students and post-doctoral trainees up to VND 100 million/year and piloted fully-funded scholarships for 18 basic science students from VNU University of Science and VNU University of Social Sciences and Humanities.

VNU President Le Quan believed that excellent students, especially international Olympiad medalists, would be the first candidates to receive these meaningful scholarships.

Up to July 2022, VNU HUS High School for Gifted Students has won 273 international and Asia Pacific Olympiads medals in Mathematics, Informatics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology, including 68 gold medals, 80 silver medals, 71 bronze medals at international Olympiads.

Notably, 2022 is a "bumper" year for VNU HUS High School for Gifted Students as all its 6 students participating in international Olympiad teams won gold medals.

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