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Freshman Ngo Quy Dang awarded VNU’s first fully-funded scholarship for basic science students
On August 3, 2022, VNU awarded its first fully-funded scholarship for basic science students and IMG Joint Stock Company award, valued at 150 million VND, to Ngo Quy Dang – a freshman from the Faculty of Mathematics – Informatics, VNU University of Science (HUS).

Ngo Quy Dang, a two-gold-medal winner and the absolute scorer at the 2022 International Mathematical Olympiad, is the first student honoured to receive this scholarship.

Speaking at the ceremony, VNU President Le Quan noted that this was the first time VNU awarded scholarship and prizes to excellent students. The scholarship is awarded annually to recognize and encourage lecturers and students to make efforts to gain excellent achievements in teaching and learning. This activity would be implemented with financial aid resources managed by VNU Development Fund, to which, IMG is the first contributor.

VNU President hoped that these awards would motivate students and young talents to study, research as well as to develop and perfect themselves to become excellent scientists.

Addressing the ceremony, Ngo Quy Dang expressed his honor to become the first student to receive the basic science scholarship. He said, the reward would be both motivation and opportunity for him to self-develop in the time to come.

Dang strongly believed that he was right in deciding to enroll in VNU HUS Faculty of Mathematics – Informatics to further study and research into advanced mathematics.

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