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Cooperation between two national universities: Together promoting resources, joining strengths for breakthrough development and position enhancing
Implementing the annual work between the two national universities, in order to evaluate the results achieved in the past year and propose directions and tasks for the coming year, on August 18, 2022, VNU, Hanoi and VNU, Ho Chi Minh City co-organized a briefing conference under the chairmanship of Mr. Vu Hai Quan – member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam, VNU-HCMC President and VNU, Hanoi President Le Quan.

VNU President Le Quan emphasized that, though facing disruption and fluctuation during the Covid-19 epidemic, the two national universities continued to affirm their national and international roles, scientific prestige, and positions. Implementing the cooperation program in the past year, the two institutions adapted flexibly to fulfill the dual goal: ensuring disease prevention and control, and completing the set plans and tasks with remarkable results.

The two national universities continue to maintain their achievements and constantly improve their positions in international prestigious rankings. A number of key projects continue to be promoted, typically, the Project for Vietnam National University Development using capital from the World Bank had made a success in the investment preparation process; the project of the Partnership for Higher Education Reform (PHER) with Indiana University (USA) was successfully launched. Also, the two national universities in collaboration with central agencies organized many events, scientific conferences and training courses to achieve the goal of summarizing and contributing policy advice for the country’s rapid reconstruction. Linking the two VNUs’ mission to the country’s socio-economic development, the two institutions continued to demonstrate their national responsibility by chairing and implementing major research programs of great era, national and humanistic values as well as of high scientific and practical significance to the development of society and the nation.

In addition, the two sides also took active activities to promote the State-Locality-University-Business cooperation model to attract resources for basic sciences, creating momentum for the model of smart and modern university towns in accordance with the orientation and strategy set out by both institutions. There were many other programs and tasks in the fields of organization, university administration, training, science and technology, communication, and development cooperation, that also achieved outstanding results.

VNU-HCMC President Vu Hai Quan pointed out the challenges to the two national universities. He stated that the two national universities need further increase their positions, enhance their roles in planning and advising on the policies development of the Party and the State.

At the working session, in addition to deepening exchanges for effective cooperation, the participants shared and discussed good lessons and practices of promoting digital transformation, developing an innovative university model and solving difficulties in financial mechanisms, thereby proposing initiatives, orientations, towards a smart, modern, professional, effective, and efficient university for both parties. The suggestions and discussions during the conference will be the premise for the two sides to establish a sustainable cooperation plan for the 2022-2025 period, especially the year 2023 – the marking of the 30th establishment anniversary of VNU, Hanoi, and also one of the two pivotal years towards the 30-year establishment of VNU-HCM in 2025.

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