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Motivating the development of high-quality and highly-qualified human resources
On May 10, 2022, VNU launched a healthcare project for professors working at VNU based on its medical resources and assigned VNU Hospital to be a liaison for the project implementation. This is one of the policies to attract, appoint, remunerate and develop highly-qualified scientists as well as to create a favourable environment for them to carry out professional activities.

VNU has realized the healthcare for its highly qualified scientific staff by implementing the Project to promptly update the health status of the professors working at VNU; applying information technology in managing and monitoring the health and pathology of professors for timely consultation and warnings. The Project is implemented with services such as initial health examination, health consultation via hotline, home medical examination and treatment, personal health management records, and periodic health examination at VNU Hospital, among others.

Implementing the Project, VNU Hospital has simultaneously carried out many activities such as establishing a Family Doctor Clinic and on-demand medical examination and treatment; issuing a family doctor medical record file format, medicine bags and a professor healthcare toolkit. The hospital proactively contacted the professors working at VNU and introduced the Project to them as well as widely communicated the implementation of the policy.

To ensure the quality of general examination, periodic and on-request health examination for each professor, VNU Hospital has been fully equipped and professional staff, Family doctor and high-quality medical examination and treatment clinic have been assigned to address periodic examination requests from professors. The hospital also has specialized ambulances, a wide range of transportation means, medical examination and emergency services with ventilator, electrocardiogram, oxygen, medicine bags, etc.) always ready to meet the needs of professors.

According to a survey after more than a year of the Project’s implementation, most professors using services at VNU Hospital felt satisfied and wanted VNU to maintain and improve this policy in the coming time. Among the services under the Project at the Hospital, primary health examination services (on-demand medical examination and treatment) have been used by most professors (43.2% of all the professors – service users). The remaining services used were health consultation via hotline; home medical examination and treatment services; personal health management records compiling; health consultation via 24/7 hotline (or via video call). VNU Hospital always provides professors with best medical examination and treatment.

The Project’s achieved results show that the healthcare policy for VNU professors is both a goal and a driving force to develop high-quality and highly-qualified human resources, which plays an important role in improving high-quality human resource training and high-level scientific research to serve the country's socio-economic development and international integration.

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