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THE WUR by Subject 2024: Two more subjects of VNU featured in the world ranking
On October 26, 2023, Times Higher Education (THE) announced the results of the THE World University Rankings 2024 by subject. THE WUR by Subjects ranks universities across 11 subject areas. Accordingly, VNU was ranked in 8 out of the 11 ranked subject areas with an increase of two subjects compared to the 2023 ranking.

In the THE WUR by Subject 2024, two more subjects of VNU – Education and Clinical and Health, were ranked in addition to its 6 previously ranked subjects. Ranked for the first time, VNU’s Education, the first and the only subject in Vietnam ranked, was placed in Group 401 - 500 globally, confirming VNU’s position in Education research and training. Clinical and Health, also ranked for the first time, featured in Group 601 - 800 globally.

The 2024 global ranks of VNU’s eight subjects are as follows:

- Education: Group 401 - 500;

- Social Sciences: Group 501 - 600;

- Clinical and Health: Group 601 - 800;

- Business and Economics: Group 601 - 800;

- Life Sciences: Group 801 – 1000;

- Computer Sciences: Group 801-1000;

- Engineering: Group 801-1000; and

- Physical Sciences: Group 801-1000.

VNU's Education ranking

The THE World University Rankings by Subject ranks universities based on the data from THE’s survey, Scopus database (by Elsevier Publishing House), and data provided by higher education institutions. The 2024 version is based on THE’s new WUR 3.0 methodology, which includes 18 carefully calibrated performance indicators that measure an institution’s performance across five groups of indicators including Teaching, Research, Citations, Industry income, and International outlook.


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