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The 3rd Hanoi Forum on Pedagogical and Educational Sciences 2023: Respecting different perspectives through scientific thinking
On October 27, the 3rd Hanoi Forum on Pedagogical and Educational Sciences 2023 (HaFPES 2023) hosted by VNU University of Education, attracted both online and offline participation of more than 400 domestic and international scientists and managers.

HaFPES 2023 was held in an open space to create an in-depth academic environment with topical discussion spaces to share new trends and research methods as well as consult policies on new approaches and adaptations in education and pedagogy, especially in the context of comprehensive fundamental innovation in education and training, including radical innovations in higher education.

In his opening speech, Rector of VNU University of Education, Head of the Forum Organizing Committee Nguyen Quy Thanh wished that HaFPES 2023 would become a forum for open discussions respecting different views on education issues through scientific thinking, especially empirical thinking and logical thinking.

In the title of the forum, the concepts “Pedagogical science” and “Educational science” are placed together not to show that they are different and opposed, but to mean that pedagogy as part of educational sciences, thereby viewing pedagogical issues in the general context of education. This helps expand the concept of "pedagogy" to mean more than just school issues.

According to Education and Training Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Phuc, although research on educational sciences in Vietnam has existed for a long time, meeting the requirements of that research activity in the current situation still has many limitations. In recent years, the Ministry of Education and Training has recognized the importance of educational sciences, especially in the application of their research results to policies promulgating.

Speaking at HaFPES 2023, VNU Vice President Pham Bao Son stated that the forum brought together scholars and administers from Vietnam and abroad to share and discuss innovative pedagogical and educational scientific approaches. The insightful, constructive and meaningful discussions would foster an educational system where students and teachers would both have chances for full personal and professional development, and the goal of sustainable development and enjoyment for all would be achieved.

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