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VNU President: Building VNU Young Leaders Club for the community
On November 8, 2023, in Hoa Lac, VNU President Le Quan had a meeting with VNU Young Leaders Club. This is an organization that brings together VNU’s outstanding students with talent and capacity to train, foster and comprehensively develop their skills to build a leaders community for the development of VNU, society and the country.

At the meeting, VNU President Le Quan expressed his pleasure at the establishment of the Club with dynamic and enthusiastic young people. These students, though chosen from many different environments, all shared a desire to develop themselves into future leaders.

VNU President shared: "No one was born a leader; to be a leader requires a long process of self-improvement, cultivating knowledge, starting with small jobs to bigger responsibilities to build critical thinking and leadership skills. Young people need to equip themselves with holistic thinking and know how to control their own emotions. That is also the key for members of the VNU Young Leaders Club to perfect their skills and develop their abilities to grow up."

Every future leader needs to equip himself with basics, such as ethics, professional capacity, overall planning thinking, management and self-management skills.

VNU President Le Quan also expressed his desire to strongly develop the Club to help young people develop their knowledge and skills in self-management and team management, thereby coming up with community support ideas.

On behalf of VNU Young Leaders Club, student Nguyen Thuy Anh and student Nguyen Ngoc Son presented the Draft Club Organization Charter, Club launch plan and activities to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Government's promulgation of the Decree on the establishment of VNU.

With the message: "Not just an organization, but also a community  for connecting people with the same vision, mission and values; creating differences, creative solutions and positive contributions for the sustainable development of VNU, society and the country", the VNU Young Leaders Club is expected to be an environment for spreading the spirit of "leadership" to all students of VNU.

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