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Information on Doctoral thesis of Fellows Nguyen Thi Thanh Ngan

Official thesis title: “The directives in Vietnamese”
1. Full name: NGUYEN THI THANH NGAN      
2. Sex: Female
3. Date of birth: 14th January, 1979                              
4. Place of birth: Thai Nguyen
5. Admission decision number: 2387/SDH-DT dated on 29th June, 2007 by President of Vietnam National University, Hanoi.
6. Changes in academic process: None
7. Official thesis title: “The directives in Vietnamese”
8. Major: Theoretical Linguistics                                   
9. Code:
10. Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep
11. Summary of the new findings of the thesis
- The directives in Vietnamese are determined, basing on two criteria: felicity conditions and illocutionary force indicating devices .
-  These directives are classified to three groups: reasonable tend, emotional tend and neutral one basing on the reason and emotion criteria. Consequently, the faint boundaries between groups and specific directives are shown.
- The characteristics of these directives are described according to prototype theory.
- Some characteristics of Vietnamese culture are introduced through the explanation of some directives such as “yêu cầu”, “mời”, “nhờ”, etc.
12. Practical applicability
 A good material for teaching and studying linguistics specialization, especially pragmatic.
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