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Information of Doctoral thesis of Fellows Nguyen Dinh Phong

1. Full name: Nguyen Dinh Phong                    
2. Gender: Male
3. Date of birth: 10th September, 1971               
4. Place of birth: Nghe An province
5. Admission decision number: Decision No. 2260/SĐH dated 07th December, 2007 by President of Vietnam National University, Hanoi.
6. Changes in academic process: Official document of changing thesis title at Decision No. 350/QĐ-KH&SĐH dated 9th June, 2009 by The Rector of Social Sciences and Humanity University (Hanoi National University).
7. Official thesis title: Enforcement behaviors of Chairman's Committee of thecommune/ward.
8. Major: Social Psychology
9. Code: Pilottraining major
10. Supervisors: Assoc.Prof., PhD. Nguyen Huu Thu
      Assoc.Prof., PhD. Hoang Moc Lan.

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