Financial Aids & Scholarships

Funding, either granted to or contributed, by students depends on the provisions between VNU or its member institutions and partners for each specific exchange program. Click to  find more information (in Vietnamese):

Student financial aid (if any), offered to students by VNU or its member institutions, is not used to directly pay for such expenses as tuition, room and board…, but is added up to a lump sum and given to students in the form of equivalent scholarship for them to pay for corresponding expenses in VNU’s member institutions.

Click to find more information about VNU Scholarship (in Vietnamese).

For futher information, contact directly to VNU academic institutions or :

VNU Academic Affairs Department: Tel: (04) 375477670 - Ext: 517- Email:

VNU Political & Student Affairs Department: Tel: (04) 375477670 - Ext: 426 - Email: 

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