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VNU Center for Student Services

Center for Student Services (CSS) is a legal unit, which was founded under Vietnam National University Hanoi (VNU), has its own stamp and bank accounts (including foreign currency bank account).
CSS is responsible for the functions of managing and providing services to boarding students; organizing and co-coordinately organizing activities namely career orientation, consultancy, skills training for students; providing services aiming to improve student’s life and support their studies as well as scientific researches.
- Manage the dormitory’s facilities in terms of maintaining, upgrading housing blocks and the public works in the designated layout in order to best serve student’s studies, scientific researches as well as their daily life.
- Welcome and arrange the accommodation for Vietnamese and foreign students in accordance with VNU’s standards, policy and regulations.
- Ensure social and political security, and environmental sanitation in the dormitories.
- Organize cultural, arts, sports, sightseeing, tourist activities...and other forms of entertainment associated with the professional, academic purposes and VNU’s activities in order to improve student’s virtuous character.
- Provide information about VNU’s supportive activities, scholarship programs, employment.
- Seek for sponsors, donors to establish scholarship, fund helping difficult students.
- Carry out preventive medicine activities in the dormitories and other units under VNU.
- Carry out periodical health checks, primary health care.
- Organize and co-coordinately organize soft skills training courses and other necessary skills to support students in their studies, communication and job opportunities... with an aim to foster comprehensive education and VNU’s educational quality.
- Provide consultancy service related to student’s psychology and reproductive health.
- Carry out introduction of housing, employment and volunteer activities.
- Organize and provide socialization-oriented services in order to meet students’ needs in studies, scientific researches, and daily life.
- Fulfill other tasks assigned by Director of VNU.
Functional departments
* Personnel and Administration Department
* Finance and Accounting Department
* Administrative and Student Affairs Department
Dormitory management units
Foreign Languages Dormitory
Adress: No.1, Phạm Văn Đồng Road, Cầu Giấy District, Hanoi.
Located in the campus of University of Languages and International Studies - VNU,
The dormitory consists of 03-five-storey buildings with 260 rooms for approximate 2100 boarding students from College of Foreign Languages; College of Technology; College of Economics; Faculty of Law and Faculty of Pedagogy...
Mễ Trì Dormitory
Address: 182 Lương Thế Vinh Road, Thanh Xuân District, Hanoi
The dormitory consists of 01 five-store building and 02 four-store buildings with 200 rooms for 2000 boarding students from College of Social Science and Humanity; College of Natural Science and other Faculties.
Charge rates and service conditions:
The charge rates for boarding students are regulated by VNU. However, the students are subject to the following conditions:
All rooms are self-contained with power, safe water, telephone and internet - Intranet services. Moreover, wireless connection is available and free within the dormitory.
Specially-equipped rooms in the two dormitories used for foreigners who reside to work and teach at VNU.
Self-served dining rooms with reasonable price for boarding students and non-boarding students; student lounges, mini marts.
Library and self-study rooms.
Clubs: for cultural events, musical performances, entertainment activities.
Application of soft-wares to manage boarding students and welcome new students in the manner of time-saving for students and parents while processing documents in.
Effective deployment of student-supporting activities.
Ensured security and environmental sanitation in the dormitories.
Requirements for boarding students
* List of priorities
- Students who are listed in revolutionary martyrs, invalids, and revolution-deserved families.
- Ethnic minorities.
- Disadvantaged students
- Students who won national and international prizes
- Students who achieved top scores in the entrance exams.
* Required boarding documents
- Photo copy of admission letter
- Certificate of priority
- Application letter (under form)
- 03 4x6 portrait photos
* Required documents for temporary residence registration
- Notice of residence change issued by street/communal police (form NK5).
- Letter of admission.
- 02 3x4 portrait photos.
- Photocopies identity card.
Boarding procedures
- There will be official documents providing guidelines on numbers and target students as well as standard policies at the reception places.
- CSS will closely work with member colleges to provide reception service and complete boarding documents in accordance with regulations.
144 Xuân Thủy Str., Cầu Giấy Dist., Hanoi
Tel: (04) 37547422; Fax: (04) 37547422;
Website: http://


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