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VNU IS: Nine out of fourteen subjects in the Bachelor of Accounting and Finance program accredited by ACCA
The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) officially recognized nine subjects in the Bachelor of Accounting and Finance joint training program between VNU International School (VNU IS) and the University of East London (UEL, the United Kingdom).

Accordingly, students of the named program will be exempted from 09/14 qualifying exams to become official members of ACCA. Besides, as ACCA practicing certificate holders, the program graduates will have an advantage when contacting employers and enjoy more job opportunities at foreign enterprises and organizations.


Representatives of the University of East London with the Bachelor of Accounting and Finance program freshmen in the 2018 – 2019 academic year

The Bachelor of Accounting and Finance joint training program is taught entirely in English within 4 full-time academic years in Vietnam. To date, VNU IS has offered five courses with 138 graduates. These graduates have stable high-paying jobs in the domestic offices and enterprises as well as in foreign reputable accounting, auditing and financial firms.

Previously, CPA Australia officially accredited and recognized the Bachelor of Accounting, Analysis and Audit degree granted by VNU. VNU IS is the first training institution in Vietnam to have an undergraduate degree program taught in English, accredited and recognized by CPA Australia. Students studying Accounting, Analysis and Audit will be exempted from 6 basic subjects when studying for CPA certificate.

Founded in 1904, ACCA is a long-standing professional association with great prestige in the world. ACCA officially set up a representative office in Ho Chi Minh City in 2002 and another one in Hanoi in 2004. As the first international professional accounting operator in Vietnam, after over 10 years of operation, ACCA has had more than 4,000 alumni and students in Vietnam.

VNU IS and ACCA have exchanged and cooperated in training areas, human resources development and career counseling.... ACCA is one of the key partners of VNU IS in receiving students on internship, enterprise visit; in co-hosting counseling and career orientation activities, enhancing professional skills for students, and providing professional development courses for lecturers.


•           2019 Accounting - Finance program admission  requirements:

- Candidates for admission must:

1. Be a graduate from either Vietnam 12-year high school system or abroad with either:

+ The total score of one of the following three-subject combinations: (1) Mathematics, Literature, Foreign Language; (2) Mathematics, Physics, Foreign Language; (3) Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry; or (4) Mathematics, Geography, Foreign Language in Grade 12 transcript is at least 18 with no component score below the required minimum, and good or better conduct;


+ The total score of the National high school exam by subject combination meets the required admission minimum level set by MOET or VNU according to current admissions requirements;


+ The Cambridge International A-Level certificate.

2. Have a valid B2 (CEFR) English certificate or equivalents. Those candidates who do not meet the required English proficiency level will have the opportunity to take the preparatory English course at VNU IS to be fully qualified for admission.

3. Be qualified through the interview by VNU IS and its partner university.


 Thuy Diem - VNU - IS
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