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VNU and MSU to cooperate in comprehensive training
Missouri State University (MSU), USA, a current training partner of VNU International School, is now aiming at building a comprehensive cooperation with VNU's affiliates. Meeting with a delegation from Missouri State University on March 8, 2019, VNU Vice President Nguyen Hong Son highly appreciated the university's good will of connecting and supporting VNU students and hoped the cooperation process would go well.

Attending the meeting were also representatives of VNU University of Engineering and Technology, VNU University of Education and VNU International School.

VNU Vice President Nguyen Hong Son chairing the meeting with the delegation from Missouri State University, USA

At the meeting, Missouri State University Vice President Brad Bodenhausen expressed his gratitude to VNU's leaders for facilitating the successful cooperation between MSU and VNU IS. In the coming time, this connection promises to be strengthened through the 2+2.5 joint training programs. Affirming that VNU IS is the first and most productive among MSU's partners in Vietnam, Mr. Bodenhausen expected that this cooperation would be increasingly stable with VNU’s support.

Missouri State University Vice President Brad Bodenhausen speaking at the meeting

Speaking at the meeting, VNU University of Education (VNU UED) Rector Nguyen Quy Thanh proposed that his institution and Missouri State University could cooperate in VNU UED’s strong areas, such as education management, education quality management and accreditation and school counseling. Regarding the language barrier touched upon by VNU UED’s representative, Mr. Boden Hausen said MSU’s 8-to-16-week-long English courses would equip students with sufficient English skills to study at MSU.

Impressed with the 5 consecutive year participation of UET’s students in the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) International Collegiate Programming Contest World Finals, Missouri State University Vice President said that MSU had a number of technical training programs to meet the needs of training cooperation in the areas related to computer science and technology proposed by VNU UET’s representative. Additionally, the close cooperation between MSU and Missouri University of Science and Technology, one of the 70 best technical universities in the United States, will give students more choices of suitable majors and programs. In addition, the delegation from MSU would also like to further discuss the cooperation in training agricultural technology with VNU UET as this field has also been a training focus of MSU.

 In summary, for establishing comprehensive cooperation with VNU, Missouri State University expressed its willingness to recognize VNU students' credits for transferring to MSU. In addition, MSU expected the two parties to set up a mechanism for exchanging lecturers and students to boost cooperation and enhance the capacity of faculty members through short-term joint training programs. Besides, in order to provide financial support for VNU students studying abroad, MSU can either provide scholarships or offer preferential tuition for VNU students to study at MSU.

 VNU Vice President Nguyen Hong Son with the delegation from MSU

 Thuy Trang - VNU Media
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