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(VOL.30, NO.1) The Effects of ASE Noise and the Position of EDFA Amplifier on Multi-Wavelength OCDM-Based Long-Reach Passive Optical Networks

Abstract: In this paper, we investigate effects of Erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) noise on the performance of multi-wavelength OCDMA-based Long-Reach Passive Optical Networks. In addition, other noise and interference such as shot noise, thermal noise, beat noise, and multiple-access interference (MAI) are included in our theoretical analysis and simulation. We found that the location of EDFA on the link between OLT and ONUs plays an important role in network design since it affects network performance. Analytical results show that, to achieve low bit error rate, the EDFA should be located around 10 to 20 km from OLT when total link distance of 90 km. Keywords: Erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA), optical code-division multiplexing (OCDM), amplified spontaneous emission (ASE), multiple-access interference (MAI).

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 Bùi Trung Ninh, Phạm Văn Hội, Đặng Thế Ngọc, - TCKH
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