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VNU Project Management Unit

Foundation date
VNU Project Management and Development Unit (PMDU) was established in November 2009.
Mission Statement
• To manage, monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of projects of Vietnam National University, Hanoi;
• To seek, develop, and design project proposals with domestic and foreign partners; to manage and implement projects that support VNU’s educational and training, research activities, science-technology application, staff training and fostering, facilities modernization and other activities; and to monitor and implement projects;
• To generalize information, coordinate with other departments and units in consulting for VNU’s President regarding orientation of building, development and management of projects and human resources to implement projects for the development of VNU;
• To consult for VNU’s President in mobilizing other financial sources outside VNU to develop schemes and projects in accordance with the overall development of VNU;
• To supply consulting services on project building and development for other persons and organizations in and outside VNU.
• To organize training and fostering activities for those staff assigned to manage, implement and develop projects at VNU.
• Implementation and management of two intensive investment projects for VNU since 2010;
• Organization of the course of project design and development. Since its foundation, the PMDU has carried out two intensive investment projects for VNU that supplied equipment for analyzing and manufacturing nano materials and equipment using nano technology applied in biotechnology and the environment; and supplied equipments for the project of Center for Press – Communication and Cultural Conservation.
Contact address:
VNU Project Management UNIT
144 Xuân Thủy, Cầu Giấy, Hanoi
Tel: (84.4) 66736701

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