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VNU Development Foundation

VNU Development Foundation was established under Decision No. 3737 / QD-Committee dated 18.06.2011 of the President of the People's Committee of Hanoi City.

The Development Fund's operations by the Board of the Fund VNU consists of scientists, managers, entrepreneurs and reputable decisions are overseen by the Supervisory Board.

Vision, mission

VNU Development Foundation was established and operates for profit, with the function of mobilization and use of social resources to support, facilitate and opportunities for staff and employees, successful students in teaching, research and learning; contribute to the construction and development of Vietnam National University par with advanced universities in the region, striving to reach the international level.


- Support for the team of scientists advanced professional qualifications, professional and creative activities.

- Investment equipment and facilities to serve the training and scientific research.

- Spending for public services, the target programs, schemes and other tasks assigned by the State authorities.

- Soliciting donations, sponsorship; Property received from organizations and individuals at home and abroad.

- Make grants under the authorization of the individual, the organization and implementation of projects funded address.

- Sponsored training, research and technology development, funding scholarships for students, students (especially students, talented students and disadvantaged).


VNU Development Foundation

Room 311 (Building G5), the operator D2, VNU - 144 Xuan Thuy Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi

Tel: 04.3754 7670 - Ext: 311


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