CÁC BÀI BÁO KHOA HỌC 17:02:08 Ngày 30/11/2021 GMT+7
Effect of electrochemical etching solution composition on properties of porous SiC film

Porous amorphous SiC (a-SiC) layer with pore size in the nanometer region was fabricated on the a-SiC/Si substrates by the electrochemical etching method using HF/H2O/surfactant solution. Systematic study showed that the HF concentration in the etching solution (in the 1-73% region) strongly affects the structure (both the pore size and the pore density) of the porous a-SiC layer. It was also observed the changing of the photoluminescence properties of the porous a-SiC layer when its structure has been changed. © 2009 IOP Publishing Ltd.

 Cao D.T., Anh C.T., Ha N.T.T., Ha H.T., Huy B., Hoa P.T.M., Duong P.H., Ngan N.T.T., Dai N.X.
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