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The 2019 exam season virtual assistant KAMI
KAMI - the newly-appeared virtual assistant software in Android App Store, promises to be a reliable companion of candidates during exam seasons with such useful features as exam score search, score spectrum analysis, admission quota search, and suggestions for school choice. This application is developed by technology startup based on VAV - the virtual assistant platform made by a team of faculty and students from VNU University of Technology and Engineering.

Interested candidates and parents can download and install KAMI at:

After installing the app, users can search the internet for the exam scores on their release without encountering server lagging. KAMI also indicates candidate rank in a certain candidate category as candidate rank by subject, group of subjects and region is also useful information of common interest besides the exam score.

Although there are different sources such as newspapers, websites and facebook pages providing information on current admission quota, previous admission scores, etc., searching and synthesizing this kind of information takes a lot of time and effort. Now, with KAMI, candidates can do all these tasks on a single platform. Moreover, with the application of new technologies in processing natural language, KAMI helps students search quickly and conveniently in natural Vietnamese.

KAMI has been developed on the basis of VAV assistant - a great research product of a team of lecturers and students from VNU University of Technology and Engineering. KAMI has also been improved for users’ better experience. Firstly, KAMI integrates a massive knowledge system in the form of graphs containing millions of peaks, hundreds of millions of edges on Vietnamese people, organizations and locations, to better perform its Q&A function. Secondly, KAMI is designed to be easily expanded and integrated with new features. In the near future, other individuals and organizations can also use the application programming interface (API) of to develop specific features on virtual assistant KAMI.

This version of “exam season assistant” KAMI is the first pilot version. After that, a variety of features to support daily life such as date and weather inquiry, appointment setting, …; meeting entertainment requests like listening to music, chatting, ...; Q&A support and more are to be added to KAMI. really wants to work on a product that can "understand" the Vietnamese and serve the Vietnamese well. Therefore, KAMI will always strive to update the necessary features to assist Vietnamese people in daily life.

 Ngoc Diep – Thuy Trang - VNU Media
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