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Real-time garbage collection for java microprocessor

Problem in Java processor is small supported memory, and the device that using Java processor need to refresh (restart) memory manually in the ending of one thread. Automatic memory management of garbage collection greatly simplifies the development of large systems, but for using in mobile device, we need to control the memory size for it. However, garbage collection is used in that systems must running on real-time, it can be scheduled periodically in the same way as ordinary application threads. We provide an upper bound for the garbage collector period so that the application threads on mobile devices never run out of memory. © 2008 IEEE.

 Dung V.Q., Ha N.V.
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  Từ khóa : Application threads; Automatic memory managements; Garbage collections; Garbage collectors; Java microprocessors; Java processors; Large systems; Memory sizes; Out of memories; Real-time garbage collections; Upper bounds; Mobile devices; Portable equipment; Real time systems; Refuse collection; Waste disposal; Data storage equipment